Beasiswa : Monbukagakusho Scholarships for International Master & Doctoral Student, Ritsumeikan University, Japan

The Application period for 2013 Admissions is Nov 5 – Dec 3, 2012.  Application Guidelines and Documents for 2013 are available now.

Eligibility Requirements
To apply for a MONBUKAGAKUSHO scholarship, an applicant must:

  • Wish to enter a graduate school as either a Master’s or Doctoral course student, orresearch student.
  • Have the nationality of a country that has diplomatic relations with the Japanese government.
  • Newly enter Japan for the purpose of study.
  • Have been born on or after April 2, 1978.
  • Be in both good physical and mental health.
  • Be able to arrive in Japan on the date designated by the host institution in the middle of September, 2013.

Monbukagakusho scholarships are divided into two categories, degree-seeking and non-degree seeking (research) students. Please read over the following documents containing important information about the content of, eligibility for, and application procedures for your desired scholarship below.: (You may also view our Researcher Database ( to assist with finding potential research supervisors)

Application Procedures for Degree-seeking Students

Application Procedures for Research Students

Additional Information & FAQ


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